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The Realty Advisory Board on Labor Relations, Inc. and Local 32BJ, SEIU reach tentative labor agreement for New York City's residential building service workers.  Click here for more info.   Please note as of May 13, 2014, both the Board of Directors of the Realty Advisory Board and the membership of Local 32BJ, SEIU have ratified the new terms of the 2014 Apartment Building Agreement.  You should therefore move ahead with implementation of the new terms and conditions contained in the Agreement, including making any retroactive payments that may be due.  If you have any questions, please call the RAB office and speak to one of the attorneys for assistance..

Staff Attorneys

Peter M. Finn is a graduate of Iona College, with a Bachelor of Arts in American History.  He also has a Master’s degree in American History and a Master’s degree in education, both from St. John’s University.  He graduated from Fordham University with a Juris Doctor degree, and is admitted to the practice of law.  He taught at the elementary and high school levels for ten years before coming to the Realty Advisory Board in 1977.  He advises members on labor relations, and represents employers in contractual grievances and arbitrations.  He is also a Deputy Employer Trustee for the various Local 32BJ Funds.

Michael Rivituso is an attorney with the Realty Advisory Board on Labor Relations who is admitted to practice in New York.  He is a 1980 graduate of Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations and a 1989 graduate of Fordham Law School. Michael has been employed by the Realty Advisory Board since 1983.  Michael represents employers in labor arbitrations and collective bargaining with Local 32BJ, Local 94, Local 30, and various other unions in the tri-state area.


Michael Badowski is a 1993 graduate of St. John’s University School of Law, and is admitted to practice in New York.  He has been a staff attorney with the Realty Advisory Board since 1994, and counsels its members on labor relations, and employment matters, as well as representing them in grievances and arbitration proceedings.


Harry Weinberg is admitted to practice in New York, New Jersey and California. He has represented employers in the building service industry since 1985 and handles grievances and arbitrations as well as administrative matters and defense of employment discrimination claims. He was President of the Service Employers Association and the Window Cleaning Employers Association, multi-employer bargaining associations consisting of building service and window cleaning employers until those groups were dissolved and merged into the RAB in 1999.



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