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The 2015 Engineers Agreement between the RAB and Local 94 has been ratified.  The terms of the agreement are contained in Commercial Bulletin #392, which is now posted on our website.  RAB members who desire to be bound to the terms of the collective bargaining agreement are required to execute an Assent.  If you have any questions, please contact the RAB.
Wishing all of our members all the best in 2015!!



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April 14, 2014 The New York Times - City's Doormen Reach New Labor Agreement

Averting what would have been their first strike in nearly 25 years, the union representing 30,000 building service employees said on Friday that they had reached at tentative labor deal with the Realty Advisory Board on Labor Relations, which represents building owners.

The New York Times (4-11-14).pdf
April 14, 2014 New York Observer - Doormen Reach a Tentative Agreement With Landlords

Agreement would provide 11.3 percent raise over four years.

New York Observer (4-11-14).pdf
April 14, 2014 The Real Deal Magazine - Realty Advisory Board, doormen avert strike with agreement

After weeks of tense negotiations, the Realty Advisory Board and Local 32BJ SEIU - the union supporting doormen and other building workers - struck a tentative agreement on a new four-year labor contract.

The Real Deal Magazine (4-11-14).pdf
April 14, 2014 New York Daily News - Union for New York City's doormen, handymen gets contract, averts strike

Service Employees International Union 32BJ, or SEIU 32BJ, agreed to a tentative four-year deal that includes a 11.3% raise for doormen and handymen who work in residential and commercial buildings.

New York Daily News (4-11-14).pdf
April 14, 2014 Capital New York - 32BJ and RAB reach wage and benefit agreement

The building workers union and the Realty Advisory Board announced today a tentative agreement to give building workers across the city an 11 percent raise over four years while maintaining health care and retirement benefits.

Capital New York (4-11-14).pdf
April 14, 2014 Crain's New York Business - Doormen in the money: 32BJ gets new contract

An labor agreement has been reached between 32BJ SEIU and the real estate industry that will keep doormen and other building workers on the job, and in the money, through 2018.

Crains New York Business (4-11-14).pdf
April 14, 2014 ABC 7 - Deal reached to avoid New York City doormen strike

The union representing doormen and other New York City building workers has reached a tentative contract agreement with property owners.

ABC7 (4-11-14).pdf
April 14, 2014 Associated Press - Deal reached in NYC building worker labor talks

The union representing doormen and other New York City building workers has reached a tentative contract agreement with property owners.

Associated Press (4-11-14).pdf
April 11, 2014 RAB and Local 32BJ reach tentative labor agreement for New York City's residential building service workers.

The Realty Advisory Board on Labor Relations, Inc. (RAB) today announced that it has reached a tentative labor agreement with SEIU Local 32BJ, the union representing residential building service workers in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.

Rubenstein Communications RE press release 4-11-14 (tentative agreement - 2014 ABA).pdf
March 26, 2014 Real Estate Weekly - Lessons in diplomacy from RAB, service workers union

With residential contract negotiations underway between SEIU 32BJ and the real estate industry's negotiating arm, the Realty Advisory Board, the atmosphere would appear ripe for conflict and general animosity between the two parties involved. 


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